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CosmicSparkle is Robyn Fudge, a professional vocalist, who performs hundreds of times annually in residential, nursing and care homes and is one of the busiest full time entertainers in this field. Her lifetime experience as an auxiliary nurse, residential carer, care home activity organiser and band singer shows through in the confidence she displays throughout her performances. What really sets her apart from many entertainers is that she truly cares for each and every member of her audience, both residents and carers alike, and tries to include everyone, by singing along, dancing or simple hand or foot movements. While her equipment is being set up, Robyn is also able to entertain using any available piano or keyboard at the venue. Performances are never strictly limited to the allocated time, unless requested by staff.


Although she performs publicly from time to time, her priority is, and always will be, to entertain those who cannot, through ill-health or infirmity, attend public performances as she feels strongly that everyone should be able to experience and enjoy musical memories. For more mature audiences, music is sometimes one of the few gateways to recalling experiences and events in life and this becomes increasingly important with age. Younger audiences with disabilities may have been precluded from the physical stimuli that others have experienced in their lives, and they now have the opportunity to experience a live performance of many of the songs they have previously only heard via Radio, TV, Record, CD or seen in movies.


Robyn’s full song list can be found on the F.A.Q. page entitled “What songs are in your repertoire?” and she welcomes suggestions or requests for any song her audience would like to hear the next time she visits.


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