Electrical safety, sound & lighting levels 


One or more electrical sockets in close proximity is ideal but we have extension cables that can reach over 100 metres if required.


The electrical socket(s) should be protected by an earth current breaker but if not then we will use our own residual-current circuit breaker plugs.


The sound engineer is a suitably qualified person in electrical safety and transmission and all our equipment is checked both before and during use.


Sound level is constantly monitored during the performance and average residential home level dB(A) is targeted to be 75 to 95 dB at less than 1m and peak levels dB(C) will never exceed 105dB

(For information, this is well below the HSE recommended event maximums of 107 and 140dB respectively at 1m)


We will not use any strobe or laser lighting effects if advised that any member of the audience suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, and LED spotlights or lasers (if used) will never be directed into the audience.


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