We can fit into any space you make available.

As a rough guide, anything more than 2 chairs width will work for us, but if you want the full lighting effects etc included then an area of approx 3.5m width by 1.5m depth would be required.

When seating your audience please bear in mind their hearing ability as Cosmic Sparkle has a big voice and sound levels might be higher than some are used to. Yes, she can sing soft, gentle ballads but if she really starts to rock you can expect the whole place to come alive with sound! Floors have been known to shake so please tell the sound engineer, at the time, if it is too loud.

It is always good to have some space in front of the performance area for dancing and associated liveliness. In fact we actively encourage activity and care staff to take part and assist residents to dance and move about.

The sound technician is usually located alongside (or behind) the performer but can be positioned up to 40 metres away using an Audio Snake Cable.