We use only professional musical and lighting equipment and this varies from venue to venue.


Cosmic Sparkle uses a Shure GLXD24/beta58A super cardiod digital wireless microphone system with a Line 6 wireless microphone as spare. She also has a Shure wireless & sound cancelling in-ear monitor system but does not use it unless the venue is very noisy as it makes it more difficult to hear & interact with her audience.
Please do not expect to use Cosmic Sparkle's dedicated Shure beta58a microphone. We do carry other Shure microphones which can be installed and used for audience participation if required.


For large venues we have a full P.A. sound system based around a pair of Alto Black 2400 watt speakers and an Allen & Heath ZED12FX mixing desk. We also carry two bass sub cabinets and three stage monitors for the bigger venues but hardly ever need any of these, even outdoors.
For medium venues we use an LD Maui 28 G2 speaker array and for smaller venues we use an LD Maui 5 speaker array.
Feedback can be automatically prevented using a Shark FBQ100 and live performance recordings can be made using a Samson S-Com Plus Stereo Compressor/Limiter and a Cymatic Audio LR-16 recorder.


Lighting (mostly used only in darker months or rooms) can vary from a reactive LED Table Star Cloth, simple glowing pin-lights and/or LED mushroom effect to a full-on 300 metre 3D RGB Laser and everything in between, including performer stage lighting and a 3m x 2m fully reactive LED stage backcloth.
NOTE: We will not use any strobe or laser lighting effects if advised that any member of the audience suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, and LED spotlights or lasers (if used) will never be directed into the audience.